ter Concessionario Ford e Volkswagen Roma | Carpoint S.P.A.

Carpoint support Italy in the fight against Coronavirus

Carpoint has responded to the appeal "Help those who help us" in support of medical staff involved in the fight against Covid-19. For the wellbeing of us all.

Carpoint is side by side with the rest of the Nation in the fight against Covid-19.

We made a consistent donation to open up a new Hospital ward fully dedicated to Covid-19 patients. The all New Campus Covid Center will benefit of 40 fully equipped beds, 9 of wich for Intensive Care.

On top of that

Thanks to the support of Carpoint, it will be the first Hospital equipped with an Artificial Intelligence System. The AI will make more efficient for the detection of Covid Long Desease the utilization of Intensive Care beds.

"An extraordinary solodarity gesture"

"An act of love towords our community